Executive Chef Alejandro Santoyo spent 18 years working at Paesanos, a pupil from St Philip’s College, Chef Alex got achieved and followed his passion. Thanks to his wife Mrs. Norah Santoyo, who inspired him and made him want to open my own place, the concept Pesto borned.


Chef Alex love for Europe and Italian cuisine, perfected the recipes of Pestos, which is why he called the restaurant, because he can create any type of pesto with different spices, herbs and any type of nuts. He is being in a lot Italian places and “whenever you get a side of pasta they don't put any flavor on it” he said. “It's just butter and salt and pepper and that's it”. So what he was thinking of is that tpestos was giving flavor to the pasta, basil, chipotle, poblano pesto. Giving a Hispanic flare and infuse some Mexican flavors into it to his cooking.


His signature dish Shrimp Alejandra, you can’t get out the restaurant without trying it!!. All the bread we make are from scratch along with the desserts . Chef Santoyo try to project simplicity on his food and open to create new things to satisfy his customers.


His story, is a Love Story, Italian style. Bon Apettite! Con tutto il loro amore!

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Alex & Norah Santoyo