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From planning a special birthday party to a lavish dinner with a group of much-loved family and friends, we can turn any gathering into an unforgettable celebration. Our wine room here at Pesto Ristorante can accommodate up to 40 guests. 

We're here to make your private event elegant, memorable and stress-free. We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations and to give you a dining experience that you and your guests will always remember!

Pricing Options

-There is a $250 non-refundable deposit but it does go toward the final bill the day of your reservation.

- Friday-Saturday after 2 pm requires a minimum of $1200. 

-Sunday-Thursday after 2 pm requires a minimum of $750.

-Any day before 2 pm requires a minimum of $500.

-Small group of 10 or less requires a minimum of $250.

-We are not able to offer separate checks in the Wine room. There are numerous calculations that are involved in arriving at a final cost so we ask that one payment be made at the end of your event. (Because there are always exceptions, this topic is open for discussion if you MUST have separate checks.) 

-We use a base of 20% of your party’s total food and beverage to calculate your server's gratuity.

-Pricing will be based on your menu selections and total number of guests.

Food and Beverage 

We make every dish fresh from the moment it is ordered, it is important for us to have a select menu for larger parties.Each guest will get fresh baked bread, salad, entree, dessert, and a non-alcoholic beverage included. 

-We will print an attractive menu for you.

Your menu will consist of the following options: 1-2 salad choices, 2-5 entree choices, and 1-2 dessert options.

-If there is a favorite you want to be included that is not mentioned in the option we give you just let us know and we will accommodate that for you. 

-We do require a final guest count 24 hrs in advance

-If in the event more show up the bill will adjust to the count. However if the guest count appears to be lower you will still be charged by your final count given 24 hours in advance unless notified otherwise.

Alcoholic Beverages

-If you would prefer the beverage option to be on separate tickets charged to the guests that is no problem. 

-We can accommodate anything from an open bar to a limited selection.

-We can also cap the amount of beverages consumed by a guest if that needs to be an option. (business meetings, Seminars, ect.)

-If you want a cocktail or wine that is not on our menu we are more than happy to cater to whatever you wish to serve as long as we know in advance so we can be prepared.

Decorations/Outside Food And Beverages

-We do allow decorations and set up for your event if you choose to do so. You will be allowed in the private room an hour ahead of the party to decorate if not otherwise discussed with management. (We are more than happy to let you come in earlier if there is not a previous reservation that day.) We do not allow anything on the walls, glitter, confetti, glitter or confetti balloons,as well as any party poppers or noise maker favors.

-If you would like to bring in your own dessert for guests there will be an additional fee of $25 for any outside options.

-We do not allow any outside food or beverages other than dessert options 

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